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Participation conditions for the Golden Angel Contest

  • Timeline:

    Entries may be announced between the 01.10.2008 till 30.11.2008 at 23:59 o'clock.

    Untill 3.12.2008 at 23:59 o'clock may pictures be added to the entries. When this deadline is passed all gates are closed.

    After 04.12.2008 alle entries will be accessable in a public galery. There the jury will vote for their favorites until 20.12.2007 for the finals.

    The entries of these finals will be rated for the first three places by the jury until 31.12.2008.

    In the end there will be some questions to answer. We will do this in the following:

  • Who is the Jury?

    The jury contains a group of persons which have shown their competence of painting an modelling in the past. At this time the concrete members are not selected. If we have made a choice we will of course inform you.

  • Who may join the contest?

    The Golden Angel is open for everyone. Teammembers and administrators of the GW Fanworld may only announce to the Masterclass category. Members of the jury are completely be ignored.

  • What may announce?

    All potential entries may not won a contest before. So make sure that your entry is like a virgin. In the past entries which are known by an other contest before are placed on a lower place. New arts may go first.
  • What happens if someone wins more than one trophy?

    Did a member of the contest wins in more than one category he may only announce to the Masterclass category in the next contest.

  • How may I show my entry?

    Every member may choose a little selection of well donw pictures of his entry. Three pictures are ideal. Get one of the front, one of the side view and an rear view. More pictures are possible if the width and the file size match the guidelines.

    All pictures may be joined to one single picture which may not exeed a width of 650 pixel an a file size of maximum 500kb (0,5 MB).

    On the pictures the validationcard must be visible at least on one picture.

    Special: The Terrain category need additionally a measuring tape must be visible on the picture. So the dimensions of the entry is known.

    The last year we got many questions for the part of the picture of the entry. So we added a new FAQ for this part:

    -> Zur FAQ...

    Announced entries will be visible in a galery which will be activated as from 04.12.2007.

  • Will there be a new contest in the next year?

    Yes! The cooperation with Planet Fantasy makes it possible to present a Golden Angel yearly.

Most important at the end: The Prize!

A good contest lifes not a least of the acceptance which can be deserved. So it is also in this case.

Every categorie will get the following prize for the first three places:

The winner in a category gets a limited Golden Angel miniature. The second Place gets a silver one and the third will achieve a bronze.

The Masterclass will get a the only one only one miniature for the first place.

You may ask yourself what is the Golden Angel miniature? Well, this is an exclusive prize miniature which is modelled expecially for this contest and is not buyable in any shop.

Now the fine print:

With the announcement of the pictures to you accept the presentation of your miniature in a public gallery. It is not allowed to use a picture of a miniature which one a prize in an other contest. The legal process is out of question.

This for the beginning. If you have question than send them to us. You may contact us via eMail!

The Categories:

In this contests you may choose beetween these 11 categories:

1.) Fantasy Single
2.) Fantasy Unit
3.) Sci-Fi Single
4.) Sci-Fi Unit
5.) Big Scale
6.) Terrain
7.) Theme
8.) Modelling
9.) Masterclass
10.) Youngblood
11.) Best Army

1. Fantasy Singe:
This category contains single miniatures which are dedicated to a fantasy based background. The miniature may be from every publisher. Of course it may be converted or be completly selfmade. It have to be placed on the original base of the blister. All bases which are smaller than 50mm. Cavallary will also be placed in this catergory! Does the miniature not own a base (i.e. Reaper) you have to use a base anyway. In normal case you place the miniature on a base to use it in a game system. Use a base in the contest. Let us take Warhammer i.e. There a model has a base of up to 40mm.

2. Fantasy Unit:
Here you may announce a Unit with a fantasy based background which must contain at least 5 models or must be complied with the rules of the playing system (i.e. trolls in Warhammer Fantasy). Die Modelle dürfen von beliebigen Herstellern und natürlich auch umgebaut sein. All bases which are smaller than 50mm. Cavallary will also be placed in this catergory!

3. Sci-Fi Single:
Here it is neccessary as above. The miniature must be places in a SciFi background. The manufacturer of the miniature doesn't count. It should be placed on the original base of the blister. All bases which are smaller than 50mm. Cavallary will also be placed in this catergory!

4. Sci-Fi Unit:
Same as above for the Fantasy Unit. The SciFi background must match. It should be placed on the original base of the blister. All bases which are smaller than 50mm. Cavallary will also be placed in this catergory!

5. Big Scale:
Here you may announce all vehicles, Warmachines, Monster and models of bigger scale. The manufacturer never mind. A monster means everything that contains a base of 50 mm or bigger or does not contain a own base.

6. Terrain:
You may use every terrain. But it may be only terrain. So there may be no miniature. Only bits are allowed. The dimension may not exeed 40cm for heigth, width or length.

7. Theme:
Here there will be a special theme for all entries. It never mind what you announce. Only the theme have to match:

2006: Winter and/or christmas
2007: Fairy Tale
2008: Art

8. Modelling:
Here you may announce greens and be as creative as you can. The scale of the miniature never mind. The limitation of "Single" and "Big Scale" doesn't count.

9. Masterclass:
This category is made for the gods of creation. The best of the best may challenge each other. In this part may be added every miniature which matchs the other categories.

10. Youngbloods:
The maximum age in the catergory is 14 years. All younger artits are welcome.
We don't have a chance to verify the age of the user but we count on the fairness of the users.

11. Beste Armee
Here you can show your complete army. But you don't show the front, side and rear view of the miniatures. You show a picture of your complete Arme, one of an unit (close up) and finally one of a character model (close up). On one of the pictures there must be the validation card. We prefer it by the charakter model. What defines an "Army"? It is only possible to announce an army which is conform the rules and playable in the specific rules system. Sure you can announce an army with the minimum requirements (W40k: 1 HQ + 2 Standards) but it is the complete impression which get the advantage.

At least we want to advice you to the base. No showbase is allowed or will be rated. Only the original base will be rated in the end.

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